1. swirlofgown:

    Why pay bills when you can have playbills. 

  2. "A few months ago, I asked Will Swenson (her fiancé) where Audra keeps her Tonys and he told me he could tell me where three of them are. I wanted to know why he couldn’t tell me where the fourth one was and he said it’s because Audra can’t remember what she did with it. That’s right, she has so many Tony Awards, she’s actually misplaced one."
  3. ohfantine:

    Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty

    Badass musical ladies

  4. "Theatre: where an hour can feel like 5 minutes or five minutes can feel like an hour."
    • person: Who's your favorite rapper?
    • me: Lin Manuel-Miranda
  5. ionlyfollowbadblogs:

    Turn ons: common sense

  6. nirv-asana:

    If u can’t sing the sailor moon theme song w/ me we can’t chill.

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